Station to Station
Railway walks in Cornwall

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Michael Brand
Artist & Photographer - the home page of Michael Brand

Michael Brand possesses a unique sense of spatial structure, light and colour, while experimenting with technique and medium. His work also extends into animation and theatre design.
Since moving to Cornwall, he also leads walks for the Ramblers.
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Sketches Sometimes

Glympton Global Gazette

Timebox Animation

MTM presents...
for details of paintings, photographs, design and commissions
in Redruth, Cornwall, UK
please telephone +44 (0)1209 699 865
Michael's father Frederick Brand grew up in Victoria, BC with Max Maynard.
His first marriage was to the Canadian artist Edythe Hembroff.
>> Fred Brand History

Michael's mother Marianne Petersen-Brand was born in the free city of Danzig.
Despite Lutheran, Anglican and Russian Orthodox churches, she remained stubborn and independent.
A profoundly spiritual person, who 'could not belong to any group that discriminates against other human beings.'
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