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Blackbird Set, Lighting and Sound Design
Progress Theatre, 17-22 Oct 2011
Director Tony Wernham chose the setting to reflect the state of mind of the two protagonists,
and there was an awful lot of rubbish there. ...
Nothing was straight-forward and Mike Brand's clever claustrophobic and asymmetrical set
challenged the audience's expectations in another way.
The lighting was excellent, unobtrusive and effective, not least when the office lights went out
and the lights from the street filtered through the blinds.
Lesley McEwen

The minimal lighting and props also provide an unexpected delight in that they force
the actors to remain the focus of attention and resulting in magnifying
their impact when they are put to use.
Chris Grove

I loved the staging of this piece in this small theatre as the use of
blinds to frame the littered staff room seemed to increase the
sense of claustrophobia and entrapment.
Kathy Reid
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