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Ash Girl Sound Design
Progress Theatre, 11-16 Jan 2011
The play was laced with Asian influence from the melancholy music to the vibrant, elegant and creative costumes.
Well crafted, inventive sets, alongside the direction, utilized the small theatreís space successfully.
The set and lighting design invoked the mood of each scene effectively,
and were nicely supplemented by modest sound effects from the cast at times.
The creative team deserve a round of applause for their innovation
and all the hard work that they clearly put into the production.
Ali Carroll, Alex McCubbin and team have created a well presented, rich piece which is loaded with darkness
and cleverly encapsulates human fallibility and the inner demons that can permeate the human soul.
Curtain Up

Normally itís at these intersections that an audience can drift, that a production creaks,
but tonight, with the generous music and the smoothness and simpleness of the process
the changes become moments of magic in and of themselves.
This is a very enjoyable production and a clever rethinking of an old story.
A F Harrold

The backstage staff pulled out all the stops with their staging, costumes and lighting
for this entertaining production.
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